Private Policy: will not sell, reveal or distribute or make available any customer information. The company contribute time and help to anti-spam organizations. We are 100 % involved in prosecuting spammers. We will contact you directly regarding the specific account via email only. You can block off notification or emails at any time.

User Data: is not responsible for any data loss in unforeseen circumstances like hardware failure. It is advisable to keep backup of your website in your local machine.

Satisfaction Guaranteed:
7 day guarantee statement shared and reseller accounts if you are unhappy with our services during the first 7 days of service. You have to request in writing via email or by the cancellation form provided that the services be discontinued till which you will not receive any refund. The detailed reason for the cancellation also has to be mentioned. We are the only arbiter as to if your reason is a valid one and if all possible steps were taken on your side and on ours to correct the situation causing the interest to cancel.

New Accounts:
The new web hosting accounts purchased are set up instantly by our automatic system. We will send you two emails including the login details after the purchase is made. If there are any complications with the different mail servers or connection problems between your ISP and the process may be delayed.

Pricing and Professional Fees:
All payment will be charged through PayPal or Bank transfer. The renewal notices will be sent several times via email 7 to o days before the date of renewal. Accounts which are 7 days past due will be disabled without further notice. Accounts which are 15 days past due date will require a fee of $15 to be enabled. Only PayPal and Bank transfer payments will be accepted for payment of services. If your yearly charge is denied and in case if we cannot contact you, then the above mentioned enabling fees shall apply. Any questions regarding payments should be made to sales department of

For cancelling Email marketing server, VPS and Reseller Accounts you have to write to the sales department and request a cancellation. If you cancel the account and the payments still continue for reason like;

By fault of the payment processor
By fault of staff
By fault of other payment collection company, we as a company are not responsible for the overdraft fees issued by your financial institution.
Overage Charges:
We have plans which are designed to accommodate the maximum of usage scenarios as per the customer’s needs. Your usage may differ and may require added allocation, specifically in areas related to storage and traffic. We, as a company will never charge your card without your permission if you need more resources. Your email address should be updated within your cPanel, so that you will receive an email when the account reaches particular limits, like exceeding the bandwidth capacity, which is determined solely by our system. In case you do not contact us, the system will suspend your site if the prescribed allotments are exceeded.

Refund, Account Termination:
No refunds will be issued if abuse of our stated policies forces to suspend or terminate your services prematurely. In case you request for account cancellation and once the service is cancelled your account will be suspended from use. Within 7 days the account will be deleted. There is no refund for VPS/Dedicated/RDP server accounts. Advance payment made for email marketing server/VPS rent is not refundable.

Content Criteria:
www.clustermailer.comwill not tolerate any content, written, visual or implied in the following areas and anything written will invite immediate suspension of service. Racism or prejudice due to colour, creed or belief, profanity or obscene language towards anyone but yourself, or any malicious content. The company do not allow adult content. You have to own the content and you are responsible for the content in your website. We do not govern our servers constantly because of the growing and evolving content. If we are made alert of any dubious content we will address the worries directly with you and reach at a cordial resolution. Anyone having any problems with the content in our server and have copyright issues can contact us with the legal documentation for us to take further action. Remote uploading or processing scripts use like rapid leech, Php music search, rapid share premium link generator etc are not approved in our server. Torrent seeding using torrent flux or similar script is also not accepted in our server. It will cause a suspension in our network. Image hosting site with us which occupy a lot of CPU resources and exploit the server memory is also not allowed. Video streaming using FEMPEG is allowed on the server but if malicious materials like child pornography, illegal files, phishing sites, over sized hosting files (single file which are more than 512 MB), CPU/RAM/Bandwidth eating scripts are reported by the abuse department strict action will be taken.

Support Disclaimer: does not claim and makes any endorsement, claims or any free support for any control panel like Kloxo, cPanel, Direct Admin etc regarding the unmanaged VPS box or dedicated servers. Clients are welcome to order our premium server management support services.

Email Marketing Projects / Call Centre projects Terms: is not responsible for any type of earning regarding email marketing projects or call centre projects. Email marketing server or VPS rent are not reimbursed due to any reasons made through email marketing projects or call centre projects. The company do not take up any responsibility for any approval regarding email marketing projects or call centre projects or the monthly earning. Email marketing server and VPS rent paid in advance will not be refunded.

Opt-in Email Marketing:

If you are planning to market your website or services through email please read the following matter carefully. The only form of marketing allowed is that in which the list is Opt In. Opt-in is the place where people provide you the email address for being in the email list for information about your site or service. If we find that your email is sending emails to person who are not authorized, your site can be suspended and terminated. Joining the opt-in email list does not mean that the list is legitimate. Contact before taking any steps so that you will not become victim of spam from other parties.

UCE, UBE, Spam: has no tolerance policy regarding unsolicited commercial email (UCE) and unsolicited bulk email (UBE) which otherwise are called spam. A message is called a spam when the recipient’s individual identity and background are irrelevant because the message is equally valid to other possible receivers. The message is a spam when the recipient has not granted deliberate, explicit and still-revocable permission for it to be sent. When the transmission and reception of the mail appears to the recipient to give a inconsistent benefit to the sender then also the message is a spam. The origin is of irrelevance in such mails. If you send any email to people who have not asked for it your mail will be marked “UCE/UBE Abuse”. Once the abuse is confirmed the service will be suspended. Spam messages places a strain on the server and affect the server uptime record and performance record. If your site is sending mailings to the subscribers see that you do hide, forge or misrepresent the sender of the email and sending site of the email. In the case of bulk mails please make sure that you inform how you received the personal email addresses and also mention the frequency of the mailing. The unsubscribe mechanisms in the bulk mail should be simple and clear. There should be a form of a working link to the one click unsubscribe system. A valid reply to the address should be used. All subscription based emails should have valid contact information which is non-electronic. The bulk mail should be solicited and the documentation of the relationship between the sender and the recipient should be made available to AOL on request. The unauthorized use of, unsolicited bulk email through our servers is not allowed.

Liabilities: is not liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special and exemplary damages arising from the use or performance of this web site or from any information, services or products provided through our website. We are responsible for any content on any server in our network and no action will be taken against the website until and unless the matter is brought to our notice through email to us. has the right to revise its policy at anytime without prior notice.

Anti-spam law
You are allowed to promote genuine businesses which comply with the CAN SPAM Act and other laws applicable. To make sure that your business is CAN-SPAM compliant your mailing must have valid headers including the fro and to fields. There should be subject lines which clearly describe the email contents. The unsubscribe link which allows the recipient to opt out should be there. Your physical mailing address should be there. The mail should be identified as an advertisement.

You cannot use our services to advertise, distribute, disseminate, link to content that contains or describes or refer to child pornography, bestiality, child erotica, gambling, pyramid or “multilevel marketing” schemes, copyright violations or prescription medication or similar products, or contents which are illegal under the applicable local, state, national and international laws and regulations in which you sue or access our services.

Send emails which respect the strength of our network and also allow other customers to use the services. If we find that your email affects our network or our customers in a material, adverse manner, we will suspend your account till you agree to modify your behaviour. The fees will accumulate if when your account is suspended.

These policies are applicable to messages sent from services or to messages sent from any network by you or anybody on your behalf which directly or indirectly mention or refer the recipient through your subscribed account.

Abuse activities like mail bombing, hijacking mail server relays, publishing incorrect or illegal information or performing any other unlawful actions are not allowed. IP address emails that have bounced repeatedly will be blacklisted. Make sure that you are sending the mails to fresh addresses. Our staff will be reviewing the messages sent from our network and make sure that the content is appropriate and not misleading. Any questionable message will be blocked.

The client agrees to these terms and conditions of service and they understand that they are legally binding. For further queries about the terms and conditions please contact us.