Virtual Private Email marketing server makes it easier for you to start your email marketing firm or to help you to market your own products. The group of IPs and appropriate Domain Keys makes your inbox deliveries enormous. All our servers are driven by PowerMTA as mail transfer agent, and this makes the delivery to the inbox easy and efficient.
If your IP is blacklisted for whatever reasons, we straight away remove it from the group immediately and the IP is set to warm. Our web app is fool-proof and efficient and is quite easy to track the movement of your campaign. Whoever has visited can be tracked and the details like who have opened, clicked, unsubscribed, bounced and marked as spam can also be tracked.
The service we provide is the best in the industry and the whole setup is user friendly. You get service from us 24 x 7 and you do not have to worry about getting stuck at any point. As a policy we do not provide email lists and we are not into selling or purchasing or renting of emails.
The servers are valid only if you have an opt-in list of your subscribers. With the purchase of this server, you agree to abide by the ICANN-SPAM ACT of anti spamming.