Email marketing industry is huge and growing. The industry is expected to grow from $ 2.1 billion to $7.3 billion in a few years. The growth of the industry is mainly because of its cost effectiveness, rapid and instant feedback system. With the competition being so hard and the economy fluctuating drastically, the companies worldwide are trying their level best to bring in more customers. Many of the businesses worldwide already have realized that email marketing is the right solution and are on the lookout for the best email leads.

At we provide our customers with the best email leads available on the web. The highpoint of the services rendered by us is that we update databases on a daily basis. The email lists are 100% Opt-in and you can use it without any legal hassles because our lists are legally cleared ones. The USA leads contains the IP address and time stamp of each lead. Your ad will reach only the right people who have asked to be included in the Opt-in Email lists. It reaches the people who are interested in new business prospects, new business product and services.

Opt-in leads marketing is the latest form of advertising and marketing. It sends emails to the targeted customers to solicit a product or service. These mails are sent only to people who have agreed to receive these mailing hence there is no waste of time and energy. With the emails reaching the apt customer there is sure response to the email. The best advantage of opt-in email marketing is that you will get more per each dollar spent and this is not there in any other form of advertising. No other form of advertising will give consistent result like the Opt-in email marketing.

Whatever may be your objective, like branding, customer acquisition, surveying etc., no other media purchasing can give you results like opt-in email marketing. There is no other hidden costs in opt-in email marketing and printing and postage costs of direct mail etc is not there. Studies say that opt-in email marketing is much better for branding the products when compared to the expensive TV or radio medium. The database we offer is huge and whatever companies or businesses and their details you are looking for will be available in our database. The support we offer is 24 x 7 and you need not worry about the timings, holidays, working hours etc.